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This beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry set includes a necklace and earrings.  Dendritic Agate is primarily a white stone with inclusions that resemble ferns, the growth of roots and tree branches, or bolts of lightening.  The dendrites can range in color from black to gray to brown.  The beads are natural Moonstone which owes its name to the white, almost magical shimmer that resembles moonshine.  Colors can range from colorless to blue, peach, violet, green, pink or gray with a silvery scheen. It is one of the modern June birthstones.  The set is adjustable in length and made with Sterling Silver beads, chain, clasp and French Earwires, and features an easy to fasten "S" hook clasp.  


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  • Please use Contact page to request earring change between French Wires and Posts.

#S-1665 **Natural Dendritic Agate

SKU: S-1665
Excluding Sales Tax |
Color: Gray
    • Stones:  Naturall Dendritic Agate, Natural Moonstone
    • Metal:  Sterling Silver 
    • Necklace Drop: 12 1/2 max inches
    • Pendant:  1  inches
    • Earrings:  1 1/4 inches
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